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Welcome to Antique Kimono Shop IKEDA


Kimono, the traditional clothing of Japan has been developed and refined by sensitive and tender sense of beauty for long period based on the Japanese people's appreciation and admiration of four seasons.
Each and every Kimono has its own story and there are some rules in putting on Kimono for occasions, seasons and so on.
I would like not only Japanese people but everybody in the world to see the coordination of beautiful Kimonos in my own way.

Shigeko Ikeda
Founder (1925 ~2015)
Kimono designer / antique Kimono collector


I am a daughter of Shigeko Ikeda, the founder. And I have been a shop manager for several years now. Before I became a shop manager, my life had nothing to do with Kimono.
But I realized that we were losing Kimono culture rapidly recently.
So I decided to be a shop manager to hand the tradition of Kimono culture over to the next generation and now I am totally involved in Kimono world.
We sell not only Kimono and all accessories for Kimono but also indigo dyeing clothes,antique chintz clothes, small pieces of silk clothes and so on.
Woven and beautifully patterned Obi, sash belt for Kimono, can be used as a table runner.

Haori, short jacket worn over Kimono, can be used as a casual jacket even over jeans.
They will be nice souvenir and gifts from Japan at reasonable prices.
English speaking staff are available.
Please feel free to come over anytime.

Yukiko Ikeda
Shop owner / manager
Kimono designer / coordinator

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Address 101 Softtown Shirokane, 5-22-11 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0071
TEL +81-3-3445-1269
FAX +81-3-3445-1239
E-Mail jidai-ikeda@chorus.ocn.ne.jp
Open hour 10:30 - 18:00
Regular days off Tuesday and Wednesdays



◎Meguro station
*Metropolitan subway
*Tokyo Metro

◎Directions (a three‐minutes walk)
1.Get off at Meguro station. Use the East Exit.
2.Go out east exit and turn left.
3.At the end of the road, turn right at
 the trafic's right.
4.Go straight, the shop is on your right side
 just before a footbridge.